Old Timber Floor Repair

Old Timber Floor Repair

If your home has old timber floor, at times you may need to repair it. The maintenance process varies with the type of timber you have. Timber floor is easier to clean than carpet more often than not. However, it requires routine maintenance along the way. At, Deluxe Flooring, our specialists find that the main cause that makes the old timber go impaired are sand and pebble in the shoe, stains, water damage, chemical spill. All of these can damage your floor; though can be repaired if you call us on time.

Trust our old timber floor repair team:

Identifying timber floor issues and giving the perfect solution require years of hands on experience. And we have that. We have been excelled in this industry for years and gaining trust of large number of families around. Our pool of timber floor specialists and sanders know every little thing about floor. If there’s a deep stain or water damage, chances that you may need to change the floorboard. Thus, there are many things that need to be identified properly and our professionals turn out to be the best in this.

Whether you need your old timber floor to be sanded, polished, varnished, repaired or replaced, we can help you. All you just need to do is to keep faith on us.

Why we are the most trusted one around?

It’s no secret that when you will look for service like us, you will have myriads of options to choose from. But, we think we set apart because of the following reasons-

  • Team packed with highly experienced floor specialists
  • Years of experience
  • 100% successful and satisfying results
  • Project completion within given time
  • Tailor-made service package
  • No hidden charge
  • Get free-quote!

If you want to know more about old timber floor repairing, replacing and maintenance service, you can call our friendly staff on 0410595959.